3-Rail Model Layout at National City Depot

The exhibit is run when the depot is open Thursdays to Sundays from 9am to 5 pm. Members bring their rolling stock to run on the multi-track layout and many of the trains are capable of sounds, smoke, and nighttime operation. There are even a few items along the tracks that can be operated by visitors.

"Kids" of all ages can enjoy this world in O-Scale - even the Senior Kids! You just need to be a "kid" at heart.

We operate a module layout having 3 rail lines with the third line having a loop, 4 track ladder yard and long siding. The layout is in racetrack racetrack form and slightly "L" shaped. There is TMCC, ZW and an MR power supplies available to the tracks.

Bring your own trains and give them a good run in an historic train depot! Lionel 3-Rail, MTH, K-Line or similar will run on the layout. Sorry, we can't run smaller gauges like S, HO, or N.

For additional details, contact Scotty Lewis at .